Guidance of various services

In the Seiko Advance Ltd., when we have ink of our company used, we are performing the following service that visitors can be worked smoothly.

Introductory example

  • Cellular phone
  • Car and motorbike
  • Home electronics
  • Household appliance panel
  • Vending machine
  • Game machine
  • Signboard advertisement and sign
  • Sports product
  • Cosmetics and package
  • Building materials
  • Apparels
  • liquid crystal Display

Contact us

Adhesion test・Environmental related substance investigation request

Contorol center/Saitama Factory,Technical Div.

Order MSDS

Contorol center/Saitama Factory,Oversea Div.

Sample ink and color matching sample

Contorol center/Saitama Factory,Color service Div.