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Insertion molding ink

Insertion molding-oriented heat resistance and expansion are high ink. It is used combining the color ink for design and the adhesion binder for insert resin.

Printing material and use Casting resin Ink Type Growth Heat resistance Feature
PC ,Treated PET ABS,PC,Acrylics 【Recommendation】 2 part reaction Types in general / expansion is good.
KKS Super Slow Dry 
PC,PC/PBT PC,acrylics MP4 Slow Dry 2 part reaction Non silicone / general grade
PC,Treated PET, PC,Acrylics, AKE(N) 2 part reaction It extracts and character printing,Expansion is good.
Urethane Silicone
Urethane Silicone RUX 2 part reaction The adhesion and expansion to urethane film are good.
PC ABS,PC DSP(RX045) Evaporation Evapration type
PC,Treated PET - TSN  Evaporation For vacuum molding
Injection ABS,PC,Acrylics JT20 Evaporation     The best for adhesion of MP4/MP4 slow dry
Adhesion binder
Injection ABS,PC,Acrylics 【Recommendation】 Evaporation     For KKS, AKE, RUX, etc.
Adhesion binder JT25

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