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SA color guide

Color guide When calling it the printing sample book, PANTONE, DIC, etc. were famous, but since it was made of offset printing, the difference was in the reproducibility of a color with screen printing.
SA color guide' is a color guide only for screen printing which arranged metalic 300 color and solid 600 color frequently used color from a vast quantity of data of the matching colors track record in Seiko advance Ltd. about fifty years.

Color Chart From the left to SA color guide  P001-300 Warm color system solid 300 colors
SA color guide  P301-600 Cold color system solid 300 colors
SA Color guide  F001-300 Metallic 300 colors


  • The opacity against white and black color is known.
  • The measured value of Munsell color system is printed.
  • Metallic color is printed by the transparent film and the color of back printing table printing understands it.
  • Matching colors combination is printed.

Solvent recovery apparatus   AD-RISA2000

If you do screen printing,screen stencil,container,spatula and machine washing use a lot of washing solvents.Moreover, when wiping off a version, rags (cloth and paper) is consumed in large quantities.
The earth was protected from environmental pollution, and we consider if the help of the environmental protection activities of a visitor can be indirectly performed by selling the machine of an environmental consideration form which utilizes effectively, and can recycle and use resources.

Solvent recycling apparatus (associated products)   AD-SEPA2000

By carrying out centrifugal separation of rags (the solvent having been included) who used it for washing etc. by AD.SEPA 2000, rags and a solvent are made to separate and solvents are collected.
Recycle Rags can throw away as wippng first or common garbage.
Separated solvent The unclean washing solvent is mixed and it recycling by AD.RISA 2000.

Solvent recovery apparatus   AD-RISA2000

The unclean washing solvent is put in container,and it sets into a machine as it is.
The washing solvent heated by the oil heater is distilled and cooled, and is reproduced as a new washing solvent.
Only an ink residual substance remains in container, and the amount of waste ink is reduced.

Electric cost is as economical as JPY 60 per 1 cycle(Recycle 10-15L).
The amount of recoveries is 80-95%. (It changes with kinds of washing solvent.)

Automatic filter   AD-FILTER

Resin,pigments, garbage, etc. may be mixed in ink or a dilution solvent. Ink of our company has the thing of high viscosity used, after adjusting viscosity with a dilution solvent afterwards.
The filtration can remove more fine if the viscosity of ink is lower.
Still finer printed matter can be obtained by removing the foreign substance which was not able to be filtered at our company. The size of a foreign substance to take by changing the kind of filter can be adjusted.
Because of air use, this filter is safe and, moreover, is a explosion proofing type with easy handling. Please set to AD-FILTER and filter, after dilution ink.

Filter kind

Name Filtration accuracy Mesh (mesh/inches) The size of a foreign substance [unit/micron]
ADF-020 20 about 600 30 or more
ADF-040 40 about 300 75 or more
ADF-070 70 about 250 100 or more
ADF-100 100 about 150 125 or more
ADF-120 120 about 100 15 or more

Vibration mixer   AD-MIX

It is possible to attach an ink container as it is, and by changing core with the axis of rotation, a convection arises using the principle to which ink gathers in a center mutually, and it can agitate uniformly.
Moreover, it is possible to mix powder with the ink, the paint, and the viscous liquid of high viscosity by adoption of an inverter, since gear can be changed without going through stages in the range up to 0-1620rpm in rotation of a motor.

Filter kind

Example 1
The additive agent was mixed well and stopped foaming by agitating, before using ink.
Example 2
Viscosity falls by agitating in mixing colors, and it becomes easy for a worker to measure ink.
Example 3
Since the whole ink can was agitated, it stops using a propeller mixer, and it is necessary to have ceased to wash.
Example 4
Since the can was covered and it agitated, a solvent did not volatilize, but work environment has improved.

WINDSTONE   Transfer paper

A transfer paper says the thing of the special paper which can be transferred in T-shirt etc. with an iron etc.
Printing of T-shirt is divided into two kinds, the method of drying direct-prints by plastizol ink (WILFLEX), and the method of transferring.

Direct printing

・The high deposit printing is possible.
・ Change of tactile feeling, such as rubber and foaming, is possible.


・ It can print and save at a transfer paper and transfer is possible according to an order.
・ There are some which can be printed with a color copier.

The kind of transfer paper

アース製薬との共同研究で生まれた ムシブロックコーティングインキ


高い安全性 虫も殺せない部材です

ラット雄雌 *LD50値 3g/kg以上 (原体からの推測値)


IR (infrared rays) penetration ink

Remote control of television, an air-conditioner, etc. has sent the signal using infrared rays. In order that a euphotic part may hide a part for a machinery department, black is carried out, but in ordinary black, since infrared rays are not penetrated, it cannot be used.
Infrared penetration type black color"IR black" is using the special black which penetrates only infrared rays. we are preparing the ink series corresponding to a material.
Moreover, these days, we also sell "IR silver" set by the metal painting color.

The euphotic part which uses CAV toumei IR black

IR black NX Infrared transmissivity is good.
Bleed peculiar to dye happens easily.
IR black Kai A Bleed in which infrared transmissivity is a little inferior does not happen easily.
IR black BN Middle character of NX and Kai A.

The degree of black is the best.

Tijimi printing    Patent No. 3004897   [The formation method on the surface of lusterless]


Tijimi ink is carrying out hardening dryness of the TJN medium through UV tijimi ink irradiation equipment (two step irradiation: TJN system), and is ink finished in a shrinkles (tijimi) pattern beautiful to a printing emulsion side.

・TJN medium A    General-purpose type
・TJN medium T    Transparency type
・TJN medium L    Low viscosity type
・TJN medium H    High viscosity type

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