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UV curable type ink

It is ink of the type cure by ultraviolet rays.

A printing material and a use Ink Series Type Feature
Vinyl chloride etc. UVA UV curing Weatherability and Flexibility
Vinyl chloride Sheet(tarpaulin) UPG, UPG matte UV curing Quick-drying capability and Flexbility
ABS, vinyl chloride, acrylics, polycarbonate HUG UV curing Adhesion, hardness
Coated metals, glass, stainless steel RIG FP UV curing Adhesion, Augment with heat for extra adhesion
Vinyl chloride etc. PZU UV curing UVA sister article and economical efficiency
Paste for coloring to various UV ink SOX - Color paste
The additive agent to various UV ink Sensitizer - Hardenability is raised
Flow agent - Leveling is raised
Various materials UV specific UV curing UV hardening type ink
Medium Special medium list

In addition, please look at the corner of Functionality ink about UV type special use ink.

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