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Solvent type ink

It is solvent dryness type ink. With the main items of our company, it can respond to almost all materials.

Base name Usage or applicable material Ink Series Type Feature
Vinyl Hard or soft vinyl chloride LOV Evaporation High gloss
ACT Evaporation Printability and blocking-proof nature, Matte finish
SG720 Evaporation The slow dry type of ACT, semi-gloss
HIP Evaporation Printability and adhesion, Matte finish
Weatherability vinyl chloride sticker,Treated PET film SG700 Evaporation Weatherability and pliability, Gross
Vinyl sticker, PVC, PC and Treated PET film JET-V1 Evaporation Cylinder press (automatic screen printing machine) correspondence, UV jet dryness,Matte finish
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Polyester polyester film sticker PAL matte Evaporation Adhesion, Matte finish
GAP NEW Evaporation Adhesion, workability, semigloss
RAM Evaporation Adhesion, high gloss
SG590 Evaporation Adhesion, high gloss, Durability
Acrylics and PC Acrylics electric signboard and acrylic nameplate #2500 Evaporation Acrylics molding, high hardness, semigloss
#2500H Evaporation Heat resistance is added to #2500
PC, Acrylics and PVC nameplate CAV Meiban Evaporation Transparency metallic color, semigloss
PC nameplate and molding SG240 Evaporation Weatherability, Semigloss
Noryl resin SG75 Evaporation Semigloss
ABS PS Styrene and ABS AS ABS Evaporation Vacuum molding, gross
STR Evaporation Adhesion, Gross
Urethane Treated PP(PE), Nylon cloth, metal,and coated products VIC Two part reactions Semigloss, non silicone
SG740 Two part reactions Almighty ink, semigloss, silicone
MS5N Two part reactions Gross, silicone
SG460 Two part reactions Weatherability,chemical and abrasion resistance,Gross, silicone
Synthetic leather and rubber, textiles SG410 Evaporation The best for apparel(cloth) printing, semigloss, silicone
FNX Evaporation The slow dry type of SG410, semigloss, silicone
cloth and thermoplastics RUX Two part reactions Flexibility, a gross, silicone
Treated PP,PE and coated metal, Hardcoated acrylic MS8 Two part reactions Weatherability, a gross, silicone
Hard coated acrylics,PC,PVC and ABS HAC Two part reactions Adbrasion,adhesion,Hardness semigloss, silicone
PC,PC/PBT, Treated PET film MP-4 Two part reactions Insertion molding and cylinder printing
MP-4 Slow Dry Two part reactions For insert molding
Polyolefin Synthetic paper, corrugated paper plastic OP22 Evaporation For untreated PP, semigloss
Untreated PE film, foaming polyethylene 60A Evaporation For untreated PE, Matte finish
EVA 70B Evaporation Silicone. Treated PP and EVA sheet.Semigloss
70B-AM Evaporation Abrasion resistance up of 70B, semigloss, silicone
Unreated polypropylene PP Evaporation The best for PP material, matte finish
Processing and untreated polypropylene PPT Evaporation Printability and weatherability, semigloss, silicone
PP battery case PP TAISAN (antiacid) Evaporation Acid resistance
PP erastmer SPP Evaporation The best for elasticity PP, non-chlorine system resin, matte finish
Epoxy Metal and Painted metals,Treated PP-PE cast #1000 Two part reactions For Metal and Treated PP and Glass, Gross
Metal and painted surface #1300 Baking 150℃x 30 minutes, workability, Gross
Metal (aluminum alumite), painted surface #1300HK Baking 150℃x 30 minutes, Pressing, folding and bending resistance, gross
#1400N Baking 150℃x 30 minutes, stamping, bending and embossing required, gross
#1400Q Baking 150℃x 30 minutes, stamping, bending and embossing required, gross
Metal,glass, enamel surface #1690N Two part reactions 150℃x 30 minutes, gross
Painted metal,outdoor signboard SG160 Two part reactions Made to oder, 120℃x 30 minutes, Weatherability, gross
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Alkyd Metal and a wooden coating #400 Oxidization Wooden paint articles, a gross
Metal and a wooden coating,Reflective sheet #500N Baking, oxidization 80℃x 30 minutes,Weatherability, gross
Poster Poster (outside ,indoor), Signboards (cloth ,paper and synthetic paper) Coated paper JRP(PRO) Evaporation JRP:matte finish, PRO:4-color halftone print, Semigloss
A poster, Signboards (paper and cloth) Paper product SAM-NB Evaporation They are a use good,Stylene print, Matte finish
Coated paper MSG Evaporation Gross type
Fluorescence A poster, Signboard, Paper product P(paper) Lumino Evaporation Fluorescence of a poster, Matte finish
Vinyl products (label sticker) V(vinyl) Lumino Evaporation The fluorescence of a vinyl sticker, and hard or soft product, Matte finish
Overcoat transparent Overcoat on ink print with vinyl chloride acrylics and PC #8600 Three part reactions Weatherability and high gross, ink protection
SG425 Two part reactions Weatherability, ink protection and gloss
SG429B Two part reactions Weatherability, ink protection and gloss
SG429R Two part reactions Weatherability, ink protection and gloss (for hard coat)

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