Company Information

Company Profile

Trade name Seiko Advance Ltd.
Establishment August,1950
Capital 96 million yen
Representative Chairman Tetsuo Hiraguri
President Toshio Hiraguri
The Number of employees 140
The contents of an enterprise manufacture and sales of screen printing ink,coating materials,other chemical materials,and related materials.
Iida branch: Sale of paints, industrial chemicals, plastics, coating tools,resin design and processing.
Place of business

Head office: 2-27-5, Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan.171-0022

Control center/Saitama factory: 1575, Negane, Hasuda-City, Saitama Pref.,Japan. 349-0131
TEL: 048-766-4511(代) FAX: 048-766-4517

Iida branch and Iida factory: 670-1, Kamisato-Betsupu, Iida-city, Nagano Pref.Japan 395-0003
TEL: 0265-24-5588(代) FAX: 0265-52-3335

Sendai branch office:106 Jyuzenkai-Build. 1-4-20, Kawaramachi,Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai-City, Miyagi-Pref., Japan. 984-0816
TEL:022-393-7891 FAX:022-393-7892

Associated company Seiko advance(Thailand) Ltd. (Thailand)
Seiko advance(Sihui)Ltd.(China)
Seiko advance (Hangzhou)Ltd. (China)
Seiko advance (Hong Kong)Ltd. (China)
Seiko advance (Tianjin)Ltd(China)
Shen Zhen office (service cwnter:China)
Su zhouoffice (service center:China)
South Korean office
Seiko Paint Ltd.
Shibaura Ltd.
Fuji Real estate Ltd.
1943 Established Ina Kogyo Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Seiko Adanve Ltd.)as the military industry in Iida, Nagano.
1948 Established at Ichigaya Shinjuku, Tokyo and Toorimachi Iida city,Nagano as a paint and building supply company.
1950 Incorporated as Seiko Paint co.,Ltd with capital 3 million yen at the present site to enter the paint sales business throughout the country.
1952 Acquired Oji Plant in Kita-ku, Tokyo to consolidate its foundation as a medium-size paint manufacturer.
1970 Moved to the newly built Hasuda Plant for a corporate policy turnaround to specialize in screen printing ink production.
1971 Company name changed to Seiko Advance Co.,Ltd. Concluded a technical assistance agreement with Chicago-based Advance process supply Company (APSC)。(The agreement now terminated.)
1972 Started sales of products resulting from the technical tie-up with APSC.
1977 New R&D laboratory building completed within the Hasuda Plant site.
1985 Most advanced screen printing ink plant completed within the Hasuda Plant site to expand production capacity. Computer Color Matching (CCM)system introduced.
1987 IBM system 38 was introduced to mechanize operations on an on-line basis.
1990 BSA(BANGKOK SEIKO ADVANCE) INK INDUSTRY CO.,Ltd. (Thailand) established. (Seiko advance (Thailand) Ltd.)
1992 Jointly developed an ultraviolet ray-based instaneous drying system(JET Dry system).Filed patent application and started sales.
1994 Began concentrating business divisions within the Hasuda factory site.
1995 Hasuda Plant renamed Saitama Plant
1996 Administrative Headquarters established in Saitama Plant,consolidating various business divisions under its control.
1997 Seiko Advance (China) Limited established in Hong Kong
1999 The Iida branch has moved to new facilities for business expansion.
Acquired ISO9001 international certification.
2000 Acquired ISO 14001 international certification.
Seiko Advance(Si Hui)Limited established.
2001 Established an inventory-delivery Center and second factory at the Saitama Plant.
2003 Opened our Korean office.
2004 Completed a plant of Seiko Advance(Hang Zhou) Limited.
2005 Completed the 3rd plant,which is combined with thr 1st and 2nd plants.
2006 As a VOC release prevention measure,we installed a VOC elimination unit.Completed an administration building at Seiko Advance (Si Hui) Limited. Completed the Iida SP.
2007 Expanded the technical development DR into a Seiko Advance DR room.
2008 The new factory of Seiko Advance (Hangzhou)Ltd. has been completed.
2009 The new factory of Seiko Advance (Tianjin) Ltd. has been completed.The new factory of Seiko Advance (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been completed.
2010 The new building of logistics and technique of Saitama factory hasbeen completed. The new building of raw malerial warehouse and expanded laboratory of Saitama factory has been completed.