Company Information

Trust and Advance

Seiko Advance Ltd.has as its corporate policy " Trust and Advance". We have been leading the ink industry and contributing to color culture as the leading company of screen printing ink. We have been meeting the challenges of developing new products that meet users' needs.
We train young professionals, value the outstanding skill of experienced professionals, and keep progressing beyond the ink industry with constant technological renovation and timely product release.
Seiko Advance Ltd. will keep its corporate identity, meet various social needs, and at the same time, protect the global environment. We are willing to contribute to human life with our products.

"Trust and Advance" is our corporate policy. "Trust" means to consider others. It is the attitude of "service spirit" and action toward everyone including our customers, suppliers, and employees. "Advance" means having a positive attitude, actively thinking, doing our best and responding speedily.