Company Information

Equipment Environment

The substantial equipment and the product excellent in the flexible way of thinking are cherished.

We acquired ISO 9001/14001 certification. Not only the newest production facility but the substantial system which harnesses the equipment is careful even to all the corners in a factory.

ISO integrated (Quality and Environment management) policy

"We guarantee product myself. "

In Seiko Advance Ltd, every employee strives for a continuous improvement in each one of business with a target, and we offer the product for which costomer can use in comfort with confidence. Since it contributes to the environmental impact reduction to achievement and the community of customer satisfaction, the following plans are set up and performed.

1. Needs and expectation of a costmer are grasped exactly, and it corresponds speedily.
2. Make the development proposal of the original product which considered quality improvement of a ready-made article, and environment, and build the base of a steadfast company as "Only one company".
3.While observing environmental-related a regulation system and voluntary standards, manage a chemical substance to aptitude, and they are prevention stripes about environmental pollution.
4.5S (Shitsuke,seiri,seiton,seisou and seiketsu) movement is promoted, and it strives for improvement in excellent article organization.
5.Tackle positively green procurement, such as materials parts, thorough management of waste, energy saving, and recycling activities.